Me Then

I get teary-eyed when I think about how grateful I am that I discovered this little hidden gem…

I call it a hidden gem because if everyone knew that all the things we’ve been told about trimming down were total myths, the multi-billion dollar fitness industry would be out of business!
Seriously, I am still AMAZED when I look in the mirror. People I haven’t seen in a while do a double-take when they see me.
I have so much more confidence since my transformation, and I actually enjoy shopping for clothes again (instead of feeling dread).
The cherry on top– My husband and I have never been closer! I love the way he looks at me now.

Me Now

For years, I couldn’t even find the energy to do something as simple as take my dog Max on daily walks…
But since discovering the 8-second “ice hack”, he’s trying to keep up with me!
What truly shocked me was that I didn’t start any new workouts, starve, or even cut out my favorite foods.
In fact, I learned that none of that had anything to do with why I had gained and kept the “extra padding” on in the first place.
It had nothing to do with how much rigorous exercising I did… or how much sugar I ate.
No wonder I struggled for years to get my scale numbers under control! 
The fitness industry has been feeding us these lines to keep us struggling in an endless cycle of shame and sadness.

But after I discovered this odd “Ice Hack”, I was able to:

🍕 Eat what I wanted.
💪 Stop stressing about being “jiggly” ever again.
🏋️‍♀️ Skip the crazy workouts.
🐶 Finally keep up with my best friend 
👙 And feel GREAT about reaching my dream figure.
I was SO frustrated… Working so hard for years only to make a little progress then slide right back to my old size. 
I have tears in my eyes as I write this because I know there is a woman out there, just like me, feeling the same way I did.
I am sharing this story for anyone out there who has felt like I did.
It is NOT our fault.
It’s possible for anyone to feel healthier, fitter, (and even younger!) than ever before.
Click below to watch the video that changed my life! 
I promise the only regret will be not watching it!